Canadian Ultimate Championships 2007

CUC 2007 started today, I’m going to go see the finals.
If anyone’s iterested let me know, we can hook up and see it together.
Canadian Ultimate Championships 2007

Frisbee’s turning 50

On the side note, this year’s Canadian Ultimate Championships will be held in Toronto, August 9-12 at Sunnybrooke Park.
I highly recommend attending, as it’s going to show the best candian teams in this fast and spectacular sport. Canadian teams are doing very well on the international level too – check out Furious George folks at
And no, I’m not good enough to be among the players 🙂
Frisbee’s turning 50

What’s Ultimate

Since I mentioned Ultimate in my profile I think ‘What’s Ultimate’ post is in order.
The official definition can be found here:
Here’s my take: It’s the best team sport ever.
I think it’s the only sports that needs 2 people to score. Personal skills are important, but less significant compared to how well the team plays together.
I’ve started playing in 2001 (thanks dear ) and played in GTA clubs:
TUC ( which has about 2000 members!
There’re more clubs, but this should give you the idea how popular this sport is.
CUPA ( is going to hold national championships in Toronto in 2007, so if you’re around, come see it.
Ultimate is a great sport to watch live!
What’s Ultimate