Elmish now supports RemoteDev time-travelling debugger

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Since day 1 elmish, developed at Prolucid for our front-end applications supported console logging of states and updates taking place in the application. You have to see it to appreciate how powerful of a feature that is and for a while it was enough. That is until ever-prolific @forki decided he wants a full blown Elm-like debugger 🙂

Thanks to RemoteDev tools and its developer Mihail we now have the experimental support in Elmish that makes the features like time-traveling and import/export available to apps targeting web and mobile!

For details see the README, the React sample and the React Native sample.

The Chrome and Firefox extensions are easy to install, but the setup for mobile is a little-bit complicated, due to the fact that the communications are done over the network. It requires either a connection to a public cluster or running a local server, with everything that entails – making sure the routes are setup, HTTP/s traffic possible, ports are forwarded, etc. But it’s all very well documented in RemoteDev server repo.

Big Thanks to Steffen for pushing for the feature and Mihail and Alfonso for their support in making it possible!

Elmish now supports RemoteDev time-travelling debugger