Protoshell and Thriftshell update

As part of FsShelter development I had to implement the multilang serilizers for Storm, originally building against then current Storm 0.10.0.

I’ve started with Thrift, thinking that since its already a part of Storm runtime it would make the adoption easier compared to protobuf and given similar  characteristics the downgrade in performance would not be noticeable. After some testing it turned out that Thrift performed nearly at the speed of JSON (better with some payloads, worse with others), which might require some explanation.

Unlike monolithic protobuf, Thrift has a pluggable model for pretty much everything. So when people say Thrift they should qualify at least two things: Transport and Protocol. Thirft looks comparable to protobuf only when Compact protocol is used. Compact however has a caveat, it doesn’t work with streaming transports, unless you implement custom framing logic to achieve something similar to protobuf’s ParseDelimitedFrom functionality. And Storm is all about streaming, which is why I’m deprecating the support for Thrift. Unless someone wants to maintain it I’ll be removing Thrift support from the future releases of FsShelter.

Protoshell on the other hand gets an update – Storm 1.0 has been released and some packages have been renamed. The new 1.0.1 release of Protoshell is now available and has been tested to work with latest Storm, so now FsShelter can benefit from massive performance improvements made in Storm.

FsShelter does not require a new build to benefit from this release. All one needs to start running FsShelter components against Storm 1.0.1 is the new server-side serializer implementation, which can be referenced directly from github as a paket dependency and included with the topology for deployment.

Protoshell and Thriftshell update

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