Arriving at Scalability – bandwidth management

No matter how fast and vast your infrastructure, at some point you find that it’s not enough or it’s not used efficiently. The messages make sense and the endpoints are configured in optimal way, the problem becomes the updates themselves – it’s expensive to carry out many little updates to the state w/o sacrificing the ACID properties.

No matter how fast an endpoint can process the messages, it’s possible to get more messages than you can process – the messages start to pile up. It’s OK if you know a reprieve is coming, but what if it’s not?

Batching to the rescue – we have to make effective use of the bandwidth we have on any given endpoint and some times it means repackaging the messages into something that carries the summarized bulk down for the actual updates.

The approach we’ve found simple and effective is to use some kind of persistent Event Store to keep all the message information, then, based on a trigger (timer or otherwise) group and aggregate the events before proceeding with the domain model updates.

We freed up the endpoint and the storage and avoided introducing some kind of conflict resolution inherent to eventual consistency models for dealing with updates at scale.

Arriving at Scalability – bandwidth management

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