Event-Driven SOA – a misnomer

Having built a system in Event-Driven SOA fashion I’ve come to realize that the moniker applied to this style of architecture actually misses the point.

I’d argue that the focus of such an architecture shouldn’t be services. As a case might be, only some of the actors involved would actually be Services, but you’ll also have Distributors, Workers, Sagas etc. What is important distinguishing characteristic in each case is the type of message these actors are meant to handle.

Should a message be a Notification, a Command or something else?

When I had to work with FIX to implement a trading system I didn’t really appreciate how well the protocol captures the ideas of Event-Driven architecture in its message types. Now I do – well-designed messages are the primary outcome of such an architectural approach.

Event-Driven SOA – a misnomer

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