What’s Ultimate

Since I mentioned Ultimate in my profile I think ‘What’s Ultimate’ post is in order.
The official definition can be found here: http://www.upa.org/ultimate
Here’s my take: It’s the best team sport ever.
I think it’s the only sports that needs 2 people to score. Personal skills are important, but less significant compared to how well the team plays together.
I’ve started playing in 2001 (thanks dear ) and played in GTA clubs:
TUC (http://www.tuc.org) which has about 2000 members!
There’re more clubs, but this should give you the idea how popular this sport is.
CUPA (http://www.canadianultimate.com/) is going to hold national championships in Toronto in 2007, so if you’re around, come see it.
Ultimate is a great sport to watch live!
What’s Ultimate

One thought on “What’s Ultimate

  1. Jim says:

    But I always thought that Ultimate was kind of a goodie-two-shoes kind of sport.  Where\’s the violence!? We\’re Canadian for cryin\’ out loud, our two big sports are hockey and lacrosse!  We need Blood Ultimate!

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